Play Arts Kai


Play Arts 改 -KAI- [プレイアーツ改, Purei Ashi KAI, lit. Play Arts "Revolution"] is Square-Enix's line of improved (and upsized) Play Arts action figures that début in November 2009. It is also under Square-Enix's "Black Label Collectors" line-up. Unlike its predecessor line-up "Play Arts," Play Arts KAI includes franchises outside Square-Enix and Eidos such as Konami, Platinum Games, Capcom and even Shonen Jump characters, one of the series happens to be the Metal Gear series. Play Arts KAI figures are sculpted by OOParts.

Play Arts Kai's first involvement with the series was the announcement of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker figure of Snake in his Sneaking Suit. The figure included 2 Mk22 Mod-0 pistols, 1 Hush Puppy suppressor, a Ballistic Shield and a pair of changeable hands. The figure also included a code to download a special recruited solider onto the PSP version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The Sneaking Suit ver. was released in June, 2010. A Vol.2 set of figures was released this time being 3 of the AI weapons, PUPA, CHRYSALIS and BASILISK. Each one also came with a PSP code. They were released on September, 2010. Vol.3 featured Snake again, this time in his Jungle Fatigues attire.